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Changing Tires
Does it really need a tow?

I'm fairly certain it hasn't been brought up (Sorry if i'm wrong about that), but why is it necessary to tow a vehicle just to change a tire? I believe the RP involved with depending on a garage to do Auto Tech is totally necessary for the most part, but the one exception at least should be being able to change a tire on the street.

I've definitely thought about some more mobile mechanics for auto tech, and how cool it would be to be able to work up to a mobile rig, but for this post, just the tires.

Changing tires is simple. Most everyone who drives can do it. A junior mechanic can definitely do it. So instead of a junior mechanic having to puppet request for a tow, for a vehicle with one blown tire, why not just have the dang junior mechanic go out and change the tire himself.

I am no expert on the updated mechanics system but I want to say there is a way to do this and its something you should explore ICly.
I think I know which mechanics you are referring to. As far as i've discovered, they do not cover changing a tire (removing a tire and putting on a tire). Repairing a tire, or anything else, I think completely makes sense to have to return it to a shop to complete.
I think you would rapidly find that no vehicles would have tires if this was possible. Perhaps themely, in the Mix, but.
Not if tires are linked to security systems, and overridden by being authorized by the owner same as authorizing a rider.
I would personally suggest that 'juryrigging' be allowed on destroyed parts, to cover this possibility. Just make it a capstone for the skill to be able to jurryrig destroyed parts.
I have thought of a workaround for this problem and implemented it. Thanks for the idea.