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Challenge players!
Ey gato, I bet I'm stronger than you!

There is a lot of things that require staff interaction that probably shouldn't. What if you and your chum wanted to arm wrestle instead of having a grappling match, or wanted to have a race down Knife in a mop bucket derby?

My idea is simple. Implement a challenge command. By typing "challenge (character)", you will be prompted to input the stats/skills that you are challenging them to. Perhaps something along the lines of "challenge ecks", followed by "strength, agility" for your mop bucket race!

The other player will then be prompted to the challenge, something like "you have been challenged by (character) in the following stats/skills", followed by the list, and you'll be prompted to either accept, or decline. if you accept, the prompt could even ask you how much you wanted to holdback by!

To stop people from spamming this command, I would recommend that it have the same cooldown as eating, closing doors, etc.

Staff have said that any command that prompts another player has extreme potential for abuse and should be avoided. There'd need to be another way to challenge and accept.
maybe a pre-determined list of challenges? arm wrestle/sports/etc, that has a list of requirements for each challenge that players can't see?
The requirements aren't an issue AFAIK so much as the potential to prompt someone and put them in a yes/no prompt state and then immediately attack them. @trust to challenge could potentially fix that, but I think Slither said on a previous thread that any player-to-player prompting should be avoided if at all possible.

These things could potentially be objects and locations that players can interact with, like sets of weights at gyms.

that'd be a good idea! maybe a few more challenge items like the weights would be fun. footballs, an arm-wrestling table at the bar, etc