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Cargo SCUs and Alternate Cargos
Determining what else can be loaded into vehicles

Just a thought I'm having - since cargo vehicles have a certain sizing based on SCUs, which in theory would be a determined size (lets say each SCU is 1 meter x 1 meter or something), would it be possible to make those vehicles above certain amounts of SCUs able to carry larger things?

In particular I am thinking of smaller vehicles (motorcycles, small cars) and Industrial Freight Containers as two examples, but maybe there are other things that would fit into those categories such as installable crane arms that take up SCUs from cargo but allow unique functions, drone charging hubs, etc etc.

An article on cybernetics and modules put me down a rabbit hole that made me think about that and the potential uses and desire for larger vehicles that maybe will never be able to be fully filled, but could utilize their superior amount of SCUs for other unique uses such as the above.

Obvious necessity for say things like being authorized on vehicles being loaded in order to drive them into the cargo vehicle, go without question so this doesn't become a 'Oops I got a big truck and now I can steal all your cars without issue' but the logistics of say a cargo heist of a large truck bringing the newest MazdaSubaru Custom Car (TM) from another city, through Red, up to Blue intrigues me.

As always, would love feedback and additions.

I've always thought that driving a bike out of the back of moving cargo hold (especially as a LALO jump) would be pretty much the coolest thing ever.

The conversation I remember having was that vehicles with interiors wouldn't nest, but I don't know if that meant the code wouldn't ever support it ever or if that was a design decision at the time.

In the past you've been able to drive a bike onto an aero. I don't know if this was only permpad aeros or if all aeros can in theory support this function.