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Car Part/Ability Suggestions
Just some interesting things

Loving the variety of current parts and car overhaul. I do not expect to know everything that is ICly available or in the works, but wanted to toss some ideas out due to some IRL car part looking for something unreleated.

Given various roof, front and back slots-

*Ability to get a tire rack/attach tires to the slot for easy access in case of an accident.

*Trunks, Racks, similar items that can hold items but be accessed from outside the car by those with the requisite skills. Would be nice for carrying more items in a vehicle for various reasons but give a downside.

* Buyable winches or tow truck attachments - allows people to haul hulks, etc.

*Motorcycle racks - A rack that would allow the storage of certain motorcycle or unpowered vehicles on the back of large enough vehicles for transport. (Unsure if this would break code).

Can't wait to see what comes down the line with vehicles, just some stuff I saw I wanted to bring up.

In the current implementation,

* Tires can easily be stored inside a vehicle.

* Glove Compartment can be added to vehicles for additional storage

* Winches/Tow Truck vehicles are extremely particular and priced accordingly

* Motorcycles can be brought onboard large vehicles such as Skyships and parked.

While I recognize your ideas are nice to have - I think they would just detract from the current implementation. Why buy a tow truck when I can just upgrade my mono into one, etc?

I think it doesn't really help that every vehicle has basically the same powered engine. Why would my mono have the same power as a Holden? I feel like there should be more variety to vehicle engines at least, however it might be a bit of bloat.
*Tires can be stored inside vehicles, but it'd be both for aesthetic and not filling your car with tires in the passenger seat.

*Glove compartments are...practically impregnable when you think of the steps it takes to get to them, and would love something accessible outside of the car. Maybe its more along the lines of a roof rack that you could strap car parts to but they are visible and not locked down. I think it would add to more fun car RP as well, when you get outta your car and pull a shotgun out of the trunk or shove a body in it, etc.

*Understood on the tow truck. Only brought it up because of the prevalence of hulks currently and the IC ability to use garages but not be able to get said hulks to said garage. Especially for some of the hulks that wouldn't exactly be welcome in various locations.

*The motorcycle one, while it'd be aces, fully understandable if it doesn't happen. Just something I am thinking about getting for a personal project and thought I'd mention it.

What about little pinetree mirror hangers to cover the smell of the bodies?