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BUMP that shit, mano!
Playing in game music via vehicles.

I think something that is missing from the music scene in the Dome is playable objects with artists music laid in. There are a few characters who have hugely successful music careers, either topside or in the Mix, but you can't hear their music played anywhere other than on a tv.

I know the idea of boom-boxes has been tossed around before, and I think that would be really cool.

I would -really- like to see it come through in cars though. Cars are a huge investment and being able to bump some tunes would be great. Maybe you could buy a stereo system and have a mechanic install it? This could also be something for people to steal and re-sell. The system could be turned up or down so that people could hear the music in the cab, in the backseat, and outside sort of like the car is emoting loudly.

Maybe deckers could get some blanked gear and record for musicians? Something more for deckers to do would be fun, and having live recordings of musicians would be really fun.

"Oh shit, I love this track, they recorded it live at O, remember? After this verse is when those batas came in with the uzis and started shooting up the place, and this bitch just kept on rocking!"

I would love to blast annoying country music to anyone in my vehicle.
I could definitely imagine a skyfox landing, and just over the roar of the engine you hear some cybered out metalhead screaming along with their radio. Pick up a passenger and then the whine of an engine and everyone below them can hear the music blasting over the engine.
As a follow up, maybe the recording device only picks up emotes and such that performed loudly? Sort of like the cabbies can only hear you when you speak/emote loudly? That way recordings wouldn't be just flooded with spam if they were done live.
I think this could be done with the vehicle emote command if it was more widely implemented.
Vehicle emote command? You can make your car emote things?