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Broken limbs
But I like my kneecaps!

As a milder, faster alternative to sever, I'd like to suggest a 'break' verb on limbs that works similarly on downed enemies but uses blunt/projectile weapons + skill instead. This action makes the chosen limb non-functional for a certain number of days, a length of time that might be shortened by high endurance or a heal action from a skilled doctor. A prosthetic might replace it immediately, or the character can suffer being wounded and waiting a while to recover.

I could see gangers threatening to break the kneecaps of those who dodge tolls, or corporate security breaking the hand of someone who dipped an employee. The broader shift away from "murder or nothing" has been largely positive with sever / kidnapping tools as good examples, and this would give some extra options to non-blade users for handling situations that might not call for murder.

I'm down with this idea. And if you have the strength to do it you can just 'snap' a limb if you need to.
Seem similar suggested before regards blunt weapons, in an idea before.

But I like this a lot. It gives a degree of shallower escalation. Severing can be quite nasty in some cases, especially given the cost of replacing things to those less well established or less game savy.

Breaking is a great in game tool to teach someone a lesson they remember, but causing a lot less inconvenience compared to severing.

If we are including skill checks, you could have break severity too. Takes longer to heal, potential for sepsis due to compound fracture, needs a doc etc. A lot of scope.

Severing still has it's place

"We broke that bitche's hands three times and she still ain't learned, time to take one for good"

I am loving the direction that vatting is becoming less of a first choice as the stick to hit characters with.

'Vatting out is to kind, the pain is forgotten, and the lesson is lessened'

We're planning to add 'surgery', so I think this could be in the cards.
I just came when you said you're adding surgery to medical trades.

Been wanting this for -years- but haven't summed up the effort to actually put my ideas to paper.

+1 this idea, though breaking limbs should also be something that happens on accident. You know, car crashes, failed rooftop jumps and whatnot.
Have been wanting this forever, yes please! Great alternative to sever that's still sufficiently punishing, and a realistic injury sustained from the accidents Sulfurado mentions.
'planning to add surgery' I just.. I am crying tears of joy !
I like this one. Maybe the healing process could be interrupted/reset/lengthened if the broken limb takes damage, esp blunt force?
I remember suggesting this + other combat injuries a while back. I think it'd be good for RP, for medics, and reasonable escalation instead of just everyone killing each other.

Main thing is I'd like to see it also work in a similar that dismemberment does, wherein a hard enough hit with a blunt weapon or fists can cause bones to break, so it has uses in combat too.

Overall, especially with Johnny's mention of surgery, injuries and particularly the treatment of said injuries could very much steer the game in a more RP-centric direction rather than 'wear poncho, kill x, done'. Broken bones that need setting, cuts that need stitches, internal injuries, lingering burns and gunshots that need the bullets taken out.

Stuff to make combat feel more impactful and also gives reason for people to do more than go to Chow and say 'heal me'.


Seems like a prime opportunity to delve into the critical hit system and perhaps review how they're handled currently vs. how they could be handled with a more complex medical system that accounts for more than just a HP number.

I.E. You crit someone's hand with a katana in combat, you sever that hand. You crit someone's thigh with a handgun, you shatter their femur.

I like this idea of complex wounds.

I wonder about the CPU load and branching logic required to make it happen.

I'm reminded of Phoenix Command.

There's a certain point where calculating the effects becomes a detriment to game play. On the other hand, there is plenty of money left in the fund for "moar AWS computes".