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Blackout Grenades
Bring night to your foes.

Utilizing high-tech nano-scale photo-absorbent particulates, While it appears like a smoke grenade on deployment, moments later the nano-particulates in the free air attract to one another, creating a bubble held together by the surface tension of the dispersed motes.

In effect, this grenade creates a dome of darkness, necessitating the use of night vision, thermal optics, or some portable light source.

(It's a grenade that casts 'darkness'. I think it would be a neat addition to the game.)

I'd argue that this should be an effect of using EMP grenades indoors, shutting off all the lights in a room.
I agree that making this an effect of EMP grenades would be cool.
This is Withmore, so it's possible that lighting technology runs on unnecessarily complicated circuitry, but in normal, RL electronics, lighting circuits are generally not affected by an EMP. An EMP mostly knocks out solid state parts (transistors, etc.), which are not a common part of lights.
If all the bulbs in Withmore are LEDs, that might work.

(My kingdom for a post edit button!)