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Biotraces on items
Who has handled this device recently?

This might already be a thing. I have not touched forensics in a long while. If it is, ignore me completely!

When you touch a device, you leave 'biotraces' on it. This can be like the character ID being stored in an array on the device. Maybe associated with a modifier representing how strong the biotraces are (recently showered, fewer biotraces, wearing gloves, fewer biotraces, and so on) and a timestamp.

Using a tool someone can use forensics to compare a biosample (a person, body part, dead body, a blood sample) and an item and see if there is a match. If there is a match they will try and gauge the time frame. Chances of finding a match and the accuracy of the estimated time frame will vary based on the person's skill.

To give it some weight, the tool will display the result of the test on the display. This way the test can be run again and again in front of those wanting to know an demanding proof and they can read the results them selves even if they can't perform the test.

This is why I never load my mags without putting gloves on first :)

Or be like Mike Ehrmantraut, and use revolvers, so you don't leave evidence brass behind.

I don't believe this exists, but I'd love to see this use the code for blood and to tie in with forensics. Whether spit or fingerprints/touching, etc, it'd be another layer to add to a skill that needs pumping up.
Forensics has the potential to be one of the most amazing and game-changing skills in the game because of ideas like this, and others. Having tools to be able to link people to their actions in-game beyond the usual sorts of stuff that people do today will be amazing. Some day! Some day!!