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Better notification for armed vehicles
Preffix vehicle name with 'armed'

I've noticed it's quite hard to tell if a vehicle is armed, and I presume some vehicle weapons are intended to be very obvious.

It would be great if a system were added to notify people that this vehicle or that vehicle is armed. Similar to how it works for people who are actively armed.

Ie. an Armed Hondamitsu Mono drives in from the west

It would be good if firmpoints that had a modification attached to them added a display to the description as well, since I'm not sure if there's any way to tell if a vehicle is armed, or what it's armed with, short of an evaluate.

I like the idea of concealable weapons too, however, where appropriate, so some consideration to that would be cool.

This is already planned. I don't have a timeline for when/how/what. It's sort of low priority and I forget I want to do it with some great level of frequency.

But in the interim you can literally just 'look' at a vehicle and see the weapons on it. They integrate into the description. :P