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Bathing Dogs/Pets
Dirty Doggos Need Bath RP

VERY niche idea, but since pets/dogs can get dirty from a variety of things ICly, either let them have a custom bathe command OR add @trust bathe or something like that so that everyone can participate in the bath time shenanigans.

If I can get clean, so should my pet, possibly with a skillcheck to keep the wriggling beast in the QuickKleen.

Not so niche! Robots also get dirty forever.

Something like bathe as a command that attempts to make the target use the shower room verb would be pretty useful in both cases, and is also both a helpful verb with @trust and a hilarious verb without it... passing a grappling check to force some filthy denizen into using the QuickKleen would be pretty useful.

Halt Criminal Scum! You require a bath!
I'd like to see this extended to faction NPCs. There's some faction NPCs where it isn't good for them to wander around in public with certain stuff on them, and helping them take a shower without leaving a note about it for staff would be cool.