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Art Forgery and Serial Numbers
That's not MY work.

I would love the ability for each piece of artwork to be certified. Right now it's easy to just copy something and pass it off as your own without any way to really track it. Most PCs don't abuse this, but creating an opportunity to forge something would be cool. There are also duplications of artwork that are passed off as originals allowing some artists to cheese certain systems. If a serial number was generated with each painting or if their SIC ID could be registered to the painting via an NPC, an artist could have a way of fighting back. I would like it so that no one could sell a piece of art to an NPC without it being registered to kill cheesing the game. It would be nice for paintings serial numbers to be hackable at least temporarily, but that also creates balancing issues that may be unfair to artists - I'm not really sure how to solve that. To avoid added strain on the admins, this certification would necessarily need to be automated.


This is a complex issue and I'm not certain how to solve it.

Maybe it could be solved from the other end? As in, when finalizing, there needs to be at least a 3% difference compared to all other art in the game? With a message like:

There's already a very similar piece to this one in the game. Make a few changes, and attempt to finalize again. Even if you're recreating a copy of a piece you made long ago, you need to include some minor variations. If you're attempting to make a forgery, the same rule applies. You need at least 3% of your work to be different.

This way, it requires a skilled eye to ascertain the difference between the real work and the forgery.

That's a cool idea too. I think it'd be great to be able to forge art but not be able to slide a forgery past an expert.
Anyone with the right skills and stats who has previously 'examine'd a specific work would know a copy from the original.

It's not quite a serial number but pretty damn close.

How do you express it though?
If you go that route, "This is the first time you've seen this piece."