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armored shortdesc
Notice me, baka.

So since Johnny was talking about how there'll be new descriptors for clothing depending on whether you're a mixer or a corpie. So, this gave me an idea - I'd like to suggest tagging certain pieces of armor to give you a new shortdesc descriptor that is 'armored'. Maybe even make it so that it goes from

"lightly armored" to "heavily armored" depending on whether you're wearing some NeXus mesh or Xo5.

I dunno about tagging stuff like ProTek shirts or such as armor because they are just supposed to be normal shirts, but maybe they could be identified as lightly armored.

ProTek shirts are supposed to look like normal shirts** and not as some heavy piece of armor that you can instantly identify
IMO the things that should be flagged for this are:

Du-Wear flak jackets, neXus mesh jackets, WAI jumpsuits, D-Fence suits, Xo5 bodysuits, Xo3 thoraxes, Xo5 chestpieces or whatever they're called, and ProTek flaks, dresses, and trenchcoats.

Other armor items are too incomplete or might look like clothing to the casual observer. I don't think we need light/heavy as there's a cybereye module for all that.

Yeah, that works souricelle. Flag certain pieces of armor that you can identify at a glance. I also agree that just wearing a pair of ProTek boots shouldn't give you armored shortdesc or anything.
Armor doesn't currently take damage and I don't know if there are plans for that, but combat could make it look cruddier and you'd need an artist or munitions person to clean it up maybe.

Wearing battle-scarred Xo in the Mix might be cool but your security chief at Donk Corp is going to expect you to polish your boots or hire a Mixer to do it for you.