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Armor Set Shortdescs

When wearing say, three or more (or any arbitrary number) pieces of the same armor type, some encapsulating shortdesc identifying the set rather than what the system decides is most prominent would be pretty nice and less messy. For example:

...wearing ProTek armor

...wearing Xo3 armor

...wearing Xo5 battle armor

Potential to get fancy with it and have partial sets show as 'some X armor' or complete as 'full X armor', but that really only applies to Xo I think.

I'd like to see this and think it's better than random person wearing a whole set but the shortdesc only says the codpiece, for example.

I'd also like to see PCs of factions wearing faction armor get the shortdesc of the armored gear, instead of only NPCs. Whether the WJF (which only happens for NPC Judges (armored street judge) right now) or the less used faction equipment for megacorporations to possibly having stylized armor/equipment for other organizations/factions.

I also like this idea quite a bit, not only because it's nice style flex, but also because it conveys potentially very important information at-a-glance providing the person isn't taking measures to hide their identities.

Would love to see if we could get a coded doughboy/doughgirl status from wearing around the big league armor, too!