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appear more/less healthy
Not so spectacular after all, are you?

I apologize if this has already been suggested. I did a search and didn't notice this same idea proposed before but I may have missed it.

The idea is simple. After making a suitable skill/stat check you can make your character appear more or less healthy. This way a character that might normally look spectacular can appear to be in excellent condition. Or the reverse.

This would be useful for combating meta assumptions and to allow a deeper disguise without having to use something like a poncho to hide that your character looks magnificent.

I would suggest that it be possible to move from one end of the spectrum to the other (unlike size changes which are limited to one step) but have each additional step require a more difficult check. This would allow characters who are masters of disguise with really good health descriptors appear merely excellent or the reverse.

My understanding is that 'holdback' is used for this.

help holdback

@holdback only provides movement in one direction. Not both. And with a blanket penalty. So it kind of allows a bit of this. But not all of it. And none of it skill checked.

It could be that staff decides that all they want to allow is covered by @holdback and that's cool.

But I am suggesting that appropriately skilled characters be able to move in both directions without taking a blanket penalty when looking less healthy. I am asking for something skilled characters can do in addition to or in place of @holdback.