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Appear Balance Suggestions
Changes that would avoid quick-switch

Several suggestions have been made as far as balancing appear which players have said is too powerful. I think limiting gender-related appear mechanics for balancing reasons would be a mistake but I think there are other ways to avoid having players switching their appears haphazardly simply to avoid detection.

Some alternative balance suggestions, the idea that several of these in tandem would limit the quick-switching while not impacting other players.

Takes 60 (or more) seconds to apply, cannot otherwise act during.

Requires a mirror.

Drops current disguises.

Sets @tp to 'is changing their appearance...' during the application.

Leaves character vulnerable like sitting while applying.

Can only be set while naked.

Cannot change appear within 10 minutes (or more) of being in combat.

Height/weight appear changes break when entering combat.

Height/weight appear changes break during certain overt actions (rappel, climb, jump, et cetera).

+1 to it dropping your current disguise. It's weird and seems potentially abusable that you can end up with a disguised name that doesn't match your current shortdesc anyway.