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Apartment messes
Cooking, cleaning, sex, Drug OD's

I'd like to propose apartment messes. Things that could cause them, are simple things, like once a week, a random mess occurs when there's a player inside one. Cooking, finishing food, sex, all of these and many other factors could trigger a mess.

As an optional feature, perhaps have messes devour items laying around the room in them each day, with maybe a buffer of 3 items restored on the mess being cleaned up, so there's incentive on playerside to not live in a pig sty, and also incentive on DB size to make up for the bloat caused by the messes in a slight fashion.

I would like this, at the very least, in those evicted apartments. Would be a fun job for someone to clean empty apartments before new tenants came in.
I remember when hoarding would occasionally cause fires.
I love the idea of apartment messes but I don't like the part about devouring random items laying around. That would get so stressful and un-fun. Plus the staff have mentioned in (I think?) the BNE discussion that hoarding isn't as much of a problem as it used to be.

Maybe apartment messes can make you have a different smell message, like *smells like a pigsty* or dust mites or something. Maybe characters would catch bedbugs and lice from spending time in messy rooms and have to go to a clinic for treatment!

I wouldn't mind the devouring items (like, just clean it lol?) but I imagine most would.

Other ideas along with the bedbugs and other illnesses:

-The dirtier the tile, the less items you can store in them. (Maybe it 'buries' items instead of outright eating them, making you have to search around and dig through piles for them)

-Dirty rooms make you dirty quicker.

-Could also have a low chance of making certain electronics stop working or malfunction. Shower stops working, TV won't turn on, etc, and you have to call an electro tech character to come fix your stuff up.

-If things get really bad, it can spawn small critters like rats, roaches, spiders, whatever. These aren't that dangerous physically (might nip you and deal a tiny bit of damage and marks that let everyone know you're living in a dump) but can contract diseases, poison (spiders, milipedes). Rats could chew on your clothes and slowly damage them over days. (Another compromise to just eating items) Them and roaches could also slowly eat through your kitchenette's supplies, etc.

Basically, a lot of stuff to give cleaners and medical characters a lot more RP/mechanics. It would be super on theme to get a place on Red and the first time you walk in there's just trash, messes, roaches and stuff everywhere.

A dirty room could randomly 'hide' objects in it.