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Antenna & Power for Prog & Radio

Was thinking some things out earlier, and mind got rolling.

It would be cool if there was a large battery that allowed mountable radios to be used without installation (allowing for fun field radios that needed to be set up). While thinking about this, it would also be handy if setting something up like that allowed low-band radios range to be extended, like a big antenna. Would be a fun thing for some Mixer to set up on a roof on Red to try to get radio waves from Green or something too.

And then my mind got rolling on an equivalent for progias in places progias now are less likely to work - some kind of portable cell tower (or even the same device) that allowed for their use but through a clunky piece of equipment that is more set up to be for a camp kind of setting rather than something you just set up, make a call, and hop back in your ride right away.

(Also didn't help I built a communications tower today, and the aesthetics been in my mind).


I'm not opposed to coding a way to let an electro tech wire a radio into established infrastructure to use it as an antenna for a period of time. Theres a number of places around that I think could be useful for this sort of hardware hack.
Either or! I just think the fun benefits of mounted radios being semi-portable for things like setting up base camps, broadcasting messages to larger areas of the Dome, etc, would be interesting.