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Anonymize MacGuffins

Currently the MacGuffins are very obviously named in a way that makes it clear which corporation they are associated with.

The obvious naming presents a few challenges and eliminates some potentially cool roleplay opportunities.

If providing some examples would facilitate discussion I can do that. Otherwise I'd rather avoid specifics and allow people to FOIC.

I think the whole maguffin system is in need of an overhaul (this has been raised and spoken about at length previously). The idea of anonymizing something that is already barely interacted with or tangible to most would only further shroud something that is already a huge mystery.

Something that offers little for RP in its current state besides water cooler talk and safe payoffs of chy to certain areas of work, should not have investment until a clear plan of what it wants to be is laid out. I personally do not see there being more RP around them by making them even less approachable.

Literally just give Johnson chyen.

I agree with your observations on the current state of the system. It is extremely risk averse. There are little to no incentives to work outside of a small group of regular contributors.

This suggestion comes from projects that my character is actively working on ICly and working on in a way that already involve half a dozen other characters. I could do the same thing "everyone" else does with the projects. I am making conscious decisions to do things differently to generate RP for others.


Giving a Johnson chyen and allowing them to participate in the system is one of the inherent benefits of anonymizing it.

Writing this response is already making me think of a corollary system that could be developed to de-anonymize the MacGuffin. There are a few skills that readily to spring to mind which could be used. The skills could even vary like they do with different types of MacGuffins.