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Ambient patients in hospitals.

How about adding ambient patients in hospitals, for example raging lunatics in the Constantine General hospital's psychiatric ward, or recovering patients in the intensive care unit? Psychiatric ward patients could be attacking guards when they get disturbed or try to escape and the patients at the intensive care unit needing medical attention on a daily basis?
Ambient pop for medical centres would be cool, work similarly to trouble makers for the mega corps.

Patients though that require healing might get tricky I would imagine, how would you imagine the process working ? Patient turns up in need of healing, gets healed goes on their way. What is the conciquence of not healing, how long is reasonable for them to wait before leaving or dying, do they pay the staff like PC's do, if so how much and to who?

I have wanted more ambient/hold over activities for those taking up medical jobs for a while and would think it really cool if implimented correctly.

I think generally it is accepted that people have 'stories' they tell about ambient pop. To detract from the idea that people in their jobs sit there for periods of time with nothing to do, but it would be cool to have that tie in with actual ambient interactions.

Like trouble makers/gangers allow for certain jobs and factions.

This is not a PVE game first. Your jobs are largely to provide you income, NOT RP. Being bored in your job, outside of creative roles, is not a problem we aim to ever solve -- you're not supposed to be spending the majority of your online time sitting there doing nothing, you're meant to go interact with other PCs the majority of your time. Further, ambient people are in the background, not something you actually interact with. Spending CPU on automated filler NPCs for you to treat is not where we want to spend our resources. :)
There are jobs whose income depends greatly on being available if and when other players happen to be in need of your services, which necessitates a lot of "sitting there doing nothing," or else losing income potential. It wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing to have something to spice these jobs up or help fill some time. Maybe not by adding ambient NPCs, but having something to do would go a long way to decreasing boredom.
Not wishing to highjack the thread, but I feel it might be worth mentioning from a differing perspective.

Promotions and feedback to your boss get tricky when you work in jobs like these which are almost entirely reliant on player interaction in very specific circumstances such as when they are injured, or a security issue.

In some places this could be once or twice a month and when a character is just at the start of their employment, they may not have the freedom to rock the boat or offer other services to build more business for their boss.

Is it assumed, from all perspectives that characters in these positions have 'action' in their job that they are free to express and be assessed upon even if no IC actions ever took place?

I think a good way to record working without activity in those kinds of roles is to @note when you are on duty:

For a hypothetical PRI guard, for instance, you might in a weekly note say:

"I patrolled PRI on Wednesday (2x), Thursday, Friday (3x), and Saturday. I also patrolled on Sunday and encountered a Snake trying to extort a worker."

Promotions and feedback to your boss get tricky when you work in jobs like these which are almost entirely reliant on player interaction in very specific circumstances such as when they are injured, or a security issue.

There is no reason you cannot be kicking-off job related plots as opposed to waiting around for stuff to happen. All jobs inherently give you access to resources to be exploited, stolen, or otherwise used for malicious purposes.

If a taco delivery person can cause a huge shitstorm with queso, surely you can figure out how manipulate the tools at your disposal and even better pitch the idea to your boss so they reward for it.

Look outside the ordinary.

It's very easy to dismiss comments and make claims that can't be countered without divulging IC information.

And I'm not saying that there aren't ways to make additional use of certain jobs. That does not negate the fact that some jobs do require many hours of sitting around and waiting in a particular spot. You can be active on SIC or make phone calls, but you still need to be at or near work in case a PC customer shows up and you are suddenly needed. To not be available when that happens is to miss opportunities for both RP and income.

Not sure how much of a hassle this would be to code, but what if there was a patient version of the paydirt system? An NPC or something that would spawn in the waiting room of the hospital or clinic and need various bits of assistance that doctors and nurses could provide before paying them and being on their way.

For obvious reasons this wouldn't span longer than maybe a couple hours in total but it would give medical staff more of a reason to go to work as well as congregate, including security who can keep watch throughout, which means more work-related RP between PCs.

The problem I see there is that it is specific to only one profession; doctors are not the only ones in this situation.

If anything were to be added, I think it would need to span professions to be worth the time to code it. And that coding time would need to be minimal.

Ultimately the GMs' call of course; I'm just speculating.

This would be for doctors, nurses, and security staff who all tend to suffer from the issues presented in this thread.

For security staff working elsewhere, the same idea could be applied in different ways that would suit the work environment. Just a thought!

Again, not the only affected professions. But I can't say more without getting into IC info.
Automated NPCs that paid well for taxi rides. Largely impacted taxi drivers. Automated NPCs that cause trouble in corporate offices. Largely impacted corporate security.

It's been done before. Using game resources to create NPCs to liven up the world in a way that impacted a subset of players and to just make it feel more alive.

It might happen again. Or not. I think it's great that players post ways this might be done and hope it keeps happening. Staff will take the ideas they like. :)