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Ambient Combat Noise
The room descriptions are largely ignored

I would really like it if ambient, random combat sounds could happen around the mix and other lawless areas of the game.

Things like:

You hear the scuffle of hand to hand combat to the East.

You hear the swish of a blade coming from the North.

The rattle of automatic gunfire comes from the East.

You hear a loud kablam from the southwest and above.

I remember in a number of events in the past, people would wholesale ignore the room descriptions of gunshots and fighting happen to chase gunshots from a few blocks down the streets. I realize that there is specific equipment that helps address this problem, but feel that the addition of combat sounds from all kinds of weapons - melee or ranged - would be of benefit to the game.

Let's add some player paranoia to the everyday experience of living in the mix.

I think the issue here could be more of smallworlding. In reality, combat would likely occur on nearly every block of the mix on an hourly basis. Just pointing out PC combat would probably be against theme.

That said, I love this idea to encourage people to get to a scene, but I wonder if it's necessary. Ambient SIC messages, for example, serve at least to get people to the scene post-facto.

Since there's ambient room feedback that this is all ubiquitous noise, wouldn't it make more sense for player sounds, like gunshots, not to carry all? Really neither yelling, knocking, wallets, or gunshots should have distance messaging based on the theme.
Shouldn't good RP opportunities make exception to theme?
Sounds spammy as hell and removes the advantage of non-firearm weapons.