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Allow stickers on electronics

I made and bought stickers specifically to put on electronic items, since two people in a home have the same items, it would be easier to differentiate who owned by just looking at one and seeing a sticker.

First, the fail message was that I couldn't understand how to do it (usually a skill fail, or at least it is in tailoring.)

Second, on Xhelp, I was told that it isn't possible to put stickers on the items I tried.

I don't know if there was a reason against this or it just was never considered. But I'm requesting the ability to apply stickers (and remove them) on e-notes, quick and lite terms, progias, printers, maybe even wallets and briefcases - or whatever else is currently not an option, yet used by many players.

I also request the option to not have custom designs for stickers available to the public, if that can be changed later, with not too much coding mess.

Is engraving an option? That may be too expensive for certain items.

This would be sooooo useful for e-notes.
Yessss please! This has come up a few times and for good reason. If not for obvious practial reasons, let people put cool drek on their electronics too. I want my LiteTerm covered in a history of stickers.
I'm surprised this isn't already a thing! So cyberpunk! Please implement.
I feel like this was brought up awhile back. I'm all for it, would make having multiple phones way easier.
I would looooove more uses for stickers, and for them to be a bit easier to create and use.
Wiring hubs, too, to be able to differentiate complicated wiring setups.
If you have multiple progias, for whatever reason, stickers could help differentiate them.
Please consider adding these! It would be -so- helpful for e-notes and progias in particular.
#1 - adding stickering support for multiple classes of items isn't something we can easily do for the wide variety of things. They have very different functional hierarchies, so we would probably need to put it at a super high level, potentially adding the ability to sticker things to things we don't want stickered OR needing to add individual support for numerous classes of things. So its a big ask.

#2 - stickers are meant to be reused, not be one offs, so we won't be blocking others from using the designs you come up with. Don't make them too personal, so others can use them. :)