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Allow cyber-breast subs in clothing.

The new cyber-breasts are awesome, but as they resize dynamically it's not something noticeable in your clothing. Solution? Allow the same kind of special substitution in clothing descriptions.

I suppose you could give people without them a one-time size command like skintone.

If this is too hard, maybe printing a line somewhere in description so it's noticeable.

We can probably add a sentence with less performance impact to -everyone- than a sub used by 0.1% of users. :)

Though -- it would be nice to be able to have substitution when tailoring generally, if you had a @skintone like command. I understand that might open up a can of worms, though.

Considering all clothes are SUPPOSED to be universal (meaning anyone can pick them up and wear them without finding they suddenly have a fat juicy ass), I'd say the variable would be unnecessary.
There are already ways to do something like this, although there being something like @covered left_arm is would be cool, but I understand it's probably a big can of worms. Two sets of nakeds, have fun rewriting the NPCS again, lmao.

For the time being though, you can use either macros change the relevant @naked or @describe whenever you use the cyberware, or, you can also append a very short descriptor of your covered whatever on another @naked, but write it in such a way that it won't look weird when you are actually naked, so instead of 'their covered pectorals push against their top' you could just say 'large pectoral muscles are evident on this person' which makes sense when seen both clothed or naked and still leaves room for the actual description of the pectorals in @chest.

Or you could combine the two and go all out with OCD and make a million macros for your nakeds based on what articles of clothing you're wearing and have them be modified everytime you put stuff on or take it off.

It's not a perfect or elegant but probably the best that can be done for now.

Can you use pose and expose to show off your robot tits?