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Allow 'Tactical' Back Into Tailoring

There are a number of terms banned from tailored items; among them is 'tactical'. There are good balance reasons to stop people from making custom tailored things called 'ProTek', but I submit that 'tactical' only really comes up in the context of 'tactical sling'.

Tactical pants, tactical shirts -- these are descriptions regularly used to describe a particular style of uniform-like garment, and it would be nice to have the ability to name things that way. Perhaps 'tactical sling' could be a banned combination of words, but the word 'tactical' alone could be allowed?

Tactical has been abused to no end. I don't think we've earned that trust back.
I wouldn't mind things such as tactical boots, shirts, goggles, hell give me a tactical boonie hat for my tactical operations for my tactical corpsec team.
I think any word that insinuates an edge in combat should remain blocked. I even think 'combat' should be blocked.
Is there a list of banned tailoring terms somewhere? Would love to have it available on hand.
Sorry that's banned terms for tailoring items, I meant.
I dunno, I think if people think that combat boots make you better at combat, that's on them.

Tactical vests and the like may insinuate more of an edge than combat boots do, though. Don't know if there's another word to convey the militaristic looking yet ultimately-just-clothing look of tactical stuff, though.

hooded, hoodie, poncho, shroud, XO5, x05, ecogear, WJF, protek, tactical, guitar, photo, photograph, enforcer, ledger, notebook, catalog, mask, hygienic, bag, satchel, container, backpack, ski-mask, wingsuit, illuminated, armguards, armguard, legguards, legguard, kevlar, du-wear, nexus, stick, staff and protective
Tactical is used in armor pieces in the game. It'd probably confuse some people.

Having seen the dark side of this and how egregious and overblown it can become?

There's a reason it's a banned tailoring word. I'm having flashbacks just thinking about it.

I'll say only of that list that 'tactical' is I think the only thing that suggests a style instead of a function. Everything else says something about what clothing -does-; tactical just says what it looks like. If you search for 'tactical clothing' on Google, it just means it has a kind of urban combat aesthetic.
Instead of tactical perhaps 'Combat' would work, combat doesn't imply anything other than it's style really. Tactical implies an edge, combat just means what it's designed for.

EG: Combat Shirt, Combat Boots.

There's lots of words to describe tactical gear, you just have to get descriptive with your text and creative with your naming!
We won't be letting you tailor with tactical any time soon.