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All public roleplaying areas *BARS*,
Signal Boosters.

You want to attract people to come visit these establishments, but you have them with dead spots half the time.

Doesn't make sense that the owner wouldn't invest in one of those SHI Signal Boosters.

I'll assume you're referring to bars on Red and a lot of them do have boosters. If its important to your char to be "connected" all the time, maybe try bringing the party to you at one of those spots? Each place i've been to offers something different in terms of atmosphere and it makes sense to me that some of those wouldn't include "full service." Different strokes for different folks and all, right?
Shitty bars in a shitty part of town. I'll probably get slapped down for some of the info in this post , but here goes.

When you and your buddies are thinking about going out , do you make that decision only on the fact that the bar has a public wifi ? Cause i tend to care about the bar , the booze and the people that are there more than if they have wifi.

Pair that with the fact that sic boosters tend to cost more than a car, i'm not surpised we don't have a bunch of them in red. last time i bothered checking , i can count the amount of amps on one hand.

Alternatively , you could take this up with the bar owner. He might explain why he doesn't have a sic booster in his place. See what his IC reasons are for not having any. See if you can find a good solution against the argument that can net you some kind of angle or profit on the situation.

Hell , if i was an enterpreneuring type of person with this problem, i would try to get a crew together and see if i could solve the problem by arranging a forced move of an amp to my favorite bar. For a price. Always for a price.

The entire MOO is a public roleplaying area.

Red is a slummy shithole, intentionally.

If your PC wants sicnal all the time, they can go topside.

There are places in the mix outfitted with sicnal boosters.

It doesn't make sense that they wouldn't spend more money than they have to?

Have you been on Red? Are we talking about the same dives? Are we even talking about the same game here? What's next, Jago? Drinks should be free too?

@ShinMojo: Chill man, that's not very constructive.

I like the idea. I think I could see people dipping into bars (or any location that boasts a better SIC signal in Red - Feels like it would be an advertising gimmick you'd see in this kind of setting), which would influence RP happening more in these locations.

The only potential downside I see might be whether or not this might unnecessarily influence players to meta just to avoid SIC signal issues in Red.

@Mattheu: Thank you. You're right. It's not. Let me try that again, see if I can do better this time. Thank you again.

What I mean to say is that this thread is being approached from the context of what would maximize ease of social interaction, instead of what maximizes RP opportunities, themeliness, or meeting realistic expectations. There are places on the Internet that are dedicated to maximizing social interaction. They're called chat rooms. There's even places that invite you to come and enhance the social interaction opportunities. One such place is called LambdaMOO Sindome runs the exact same software. Everyone can come and write code and participate in it's development. There's a ton of these places scattered throughout the Internet.

Withmore city isn't designed to maximize social interaction. In fact it's very much about segregation. Red isn't designed to maximize social interaction. It's designed to be a dangerous place full of pitfalls and gotchas, where you constantly have to adapt and evolve. If you make every bar a communication safe-haven, you encroach upon the design, upon the theme, and upon the fun.

There are locations that have SIC boosters. If you follow the OP's suggestion, they will no longer be differentiators. There are bars on red which certain archetypes rely on occasionally NOT having sicnal. Eliminating those opportunities cuts their RP opportunities. There's a thousand possibilities that arise from having to leave the party and venture out into the rain alone at night in search of sicnal in order to communicate with the outside world. You'd destroy each and every one of them with this change.

The predictability of signal-less state might be the attraction for some bars.
Shitty Signal in Red?

Overworked workers who fix SIC signal towers and also don't give two shits about Red?

Working like intended. ;)

As karmaportrait wrote, if you want signal all the time, go topside.

And I'm with Vetra, sometimes a signal-less state would be an attraction.

There are some areas that do have signal but you have to find out where those are.

(Besides, maybe there's more going on with dropped signals?)