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Aero visibility

As I understand it, ICly there are plenty of aeros and drones flying in the sky.

Aero's flying make a lot of spam. Is it possible to reduce how much? Or even have some airspace marked as 'crowded' where they don't stand out and some airspace as not crowded, where the aero does stand out?

I think it makes sense that vehicles stand out. Not just for gameplay balancing reasons, but because IRL you start to recognize cars you see often among the swarm.

It would seem kind of weird that just because it's a crowded aerial location, nobody's going to notice a jake dropship coming into the mix.

The airspace is absolutely swarming with aerodynes, including WJF vehicles. It is perfectly reasonable that you would miss a specific one.
The same reason you notice cars driving past on the street.

Or shrouds walking in the Mix.

The same reason why SIC who-dat isn't filled with ~80 million random names.

Yes, obviously, aeros and ORBs wouldn't stick out in a sea of them... But that'd limit player interaction.

I also agree with @HolyChrome's reasoning why, but I didn't want to get into balance reasons on the public forum.
It's a telegraph for an already powerful vehicle and there's ways around it.
I've found flying under the radar to be the hallmark of a good pilot IC.

Additional tailoring of your aerodynes parts to limit noticeability would be pretty sweet if it came at cost of systems/combat durability as additional vehicle updates are implemented.

Cloaking device? Now that's a clever upgrade.
I'm still waiting for....

You see vehicle flying high above

You see body falling from very high above

You see body hit vehicle above

You see vehicle and body falling

I mean, think about it. If a bird strike can take out a 747, a body sure as heck better be able to down an aero.