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Advantages: more thematic names

It's good to push theme whenever possible. It's especially important for aspects of the game experience we see frequently. A good example of this was the unthematic SIC chatter that was (wonderfully) changed. Another good example of a needed change like this is making the game's guns more cyberpunk.

We see our advantages and disadvantages whenever we type @stats, and a lot of them have nothing to do with cyberpunk or Sindome. Many are just random references to media from decades past that seem more like a staff member's personal interests than having any connection to our game's genre. Looking at the advantages:

[ 1] You Go MacGyver - nothing to do with cyberpunk.

[ 2] Grease Monkey - Fine, not flavorful but at least not a dated reference

[ 3] Cypherpunk - good

[ 4] Ninja Vanish - good, ninjas are kinda cyberpunk

[ 5] Alaskan Ice Salesman - Fine, but generic. Why not a chyen reference?

[ 6] Controlled Breathing - Fine, but generic

[ 7] V for Vendetta - is just the title of a film that is a little bit cyberpunk

[ 8] The Transporter - is just the title of a film that isn't cyberpunk

[ 9] Dr. Horrible is Here - reference to media that isn't cyberpunk

[10] Kaylee's Love Child - reference to media that isn't cyberpunk

[11] Cracked the Enigma Device - Fine

[12] Five Finger Discount - Fine

[13] Quick Draw McGraw - 62 year old reference to a cartoon horse

[14] BIG Badda Boom - Fine

[15] You up for this, Sully? - I don't know this reference

[16] Master of Puppets - 35 year old reference to non-cyberpunk metal band

[17] Rocky Balboa - 45 year old reference to a boxing movie

[18] Come out to Playeeay - not cyberpunk but this is gang-y, so OK

[19] Boom Goes the Dynamite - a 16 year old internet meme about a nervous teenager

[20] Shaken, Not Stirred - James Bond isn't cyberpunk

[21] Better Living thru Chemistry - Fine

[22] Paging Doctor Howser - 32 year old reference to a non-cyberpunk TV child

[23] Lord of War - I guess the Nicholas Cage movie?

[24] Blonde, Brunette, Redhead - The Matrix counts as cyberpunk

[25] The Chosen One - The Matrix (I think this is the Matrix?) counts

[26] I Know Kung-Fu - The Matrix counts as cyberpunk

[27] Psych-ic Monk - Don't get it

[28] Herr Artiste - Google didn't help, not cyberpunk

[29] Bullets over Broadway - Generic, not cyberpunk

[30] Strike like a Ninja - Ninjas are cool and kinda cyberpunk

[31] A Regular Linus Torvalds - Nothing to do with cyberpunk

Out of 31 advantages, 4 are cyberpunk references. We can do better. It's a small thing, but it does take me out of the game when I see references to Rocky Balboa or Doogie Howser.

Even better than references to cyberpunk media would be Sindome references. The game has been around for decades now and has a rich history to draw on. Why not a Seven Ecks reference for the long blades advantage? Why not a Tracer reference for the hacking advantage? 'Grease Monkey' could instead be a reference to Hondamitsu or something.

This isn't critical, but given that every player will probably see their advantages every time they play, I think it's worth looking at.

Why don't you post some suggestions for the changes?
minor note, Herr Artiste is a Neuromancer reference. The bartender calls Case that.

"You are too much the artiste, Herr Case." Ratz grunted; the sound served him as laughter. He scratched his overhang of white-shirted belly with the pink claw. "You are the artiste of the slightly funny deal."

GhostInTheMachine: I did post some suggestions for the changes. And I'd be more than happy to come up with more! I'm not, however, going to put the time into thinking of a complete list if there's no staff interest in changing them.

And, noted, gssmr. It's entirely possible that there are some actual cyberpunk references that I missed.

Testing out pre-formatted code before I embarrass myself with a giant unreadable blob.

Skill Advantage Disadvantage


test test test

Well that didn't work. Table code?

Okay fine, I'll do it the ugly and laborious way.

I don't think these necessarily need to be changed, but I had fun thinking up some more Sindome-specific ideas. Some of these may be too silly, or too on the nose, but maybe others can come up with improvements.

skill: Advantage

Medical : Kitbag and Drag
We definitely didn't feel a need to 1.) make these about Sindome or 2.) Cyberpunk. They were meant to be pop culture references from the 80s and 90s that we found strongly related to the skill at hand.