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Adjust Group Leadership
Make CHA and INT Great Again!

I'd like to see the NPC leaders of various groups (gangs, syndicates, corps, crews, whatever) statted out with a focus on INT and CHA and skills that support them like Trade and all that. Basically make them manager, fixer, media star archetypes (or creative custom archetypes with a focus on stats/skills that help planning and/or charm) with very little combat ability. At the same time, give them some muscle bound henchmen to follow them about

I think this would be a great way to encourage players to follow a similar model where the charismatic, smart PCs fill more planner/leader roles with more combat oriented characters being their muscle. I think setting a good example is an ideal first move!

Then... Start making it so that a PC lacking the INT and CHA needed to be a real inspiration can NOT gain the higher ranks in groups all over the game. Sorry. Progress is barred you meathead! Go smash what I tell you to like a good boy!

This might sound scary at first but it's honestly not as damaging as it might seem initially. It's actually very possible to build a character that is pretty smart and charismatic but still very effective in combat. And if you choose to not invest in INT/CHA, that's okay too. You'll have a slight edge in a fight but you are choosing to accept that you will never be the big boss of anything for long.

Just a though!

I was under the impression it was already kinda like this in many factions.

Although, considering how gangs are, and how even the highest ranking NPCs of gangs are, intelligence to get into a leadership role with a gang would be kind of silly. From the top to bottom, gangs are total meatheads. They aren't very good lookers or even very likeable, either, with few exceptions.

To be a leader of a street gang still requires some level of intelligence and charisma. You need street smarts, and the ability to inspire people to follow you.