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Additional Disguise Functions
Keep your fake ID when removing a shroud/hood/etc

Disguises with fake names are awesome and have opened the doors to a huge number of scams and fun crimes for the dastardly and clever-minded. They, along with the size adjusters, have removed a massive amount of meta-gaming/small worlding that was always a big problem. Woo!

Last bit of change I'd like to suggest would be a skill check when -removing- disguise items so you can keep your false persona if you put a hood on as Bob and then take it off as Bob instead of it auto-defaulting back to your real name of Jim.

This is sort of the last bastion of meta here where if you OOCly suspect someone is a fake-person you can have them put a hood off and then take it off, since it will kill the name scheme. I'd like it to work like this:

You're wearing enough gear to change your name.

You put a hood on, you become hooded-average-man.

You remove hood, your disguise skill and relevant stats get checked to see if you're still good enough to have the false-name up or not.

If you succeed, nobody sees anything. If you fail, maybe people watching see a message like, "Bill slips up while removing his white hoodie and reveals his true identity."

Same should go for hood/helmet/shroud/etc with maybe varying levels of difficulty for maintaining your disguise while removing them? Like it's harder to keep your fake hairdo in place while removing a helmet than a hood? Open to opinions on that but it could add a layer of decision making for disguises and ID concealers.

Lastly, with this in effect, add a command to 'undisguise self' or something along those lines. Which would reveal your true identity with everything still on. Also, maybe add a command that could be performed against a bound/grappled opponent for that scooby-doo big reveal moment! Your ace kool grabs a baka, you type 'undisguise ' and if you succeed you all see a message like:

You give Billy a good shake down and reveal their identity to the world!

Or if you fail/they aren't disguised after all:

You give Billy a good shake down and fail to knock anything loose.

Love it. Especially the scooby-dooesque unmasking! With caveats, however.

It makes zero sense that, if you haven't met the person before, you'd mechanically instantly know they were using a fake identity and learn their true identity upon dehooding. Maybe make it a gradual process where you shake some disguise bits loose and realize they're not exactly who they appear to be - needing more scrutiny/forensics/shaking/speech combination(s) to discern different and identify bits of their fake/real identities.

Losing a fake moustache shouldn't magically remove the lifts in their shoes, etc, etc.

Good point, should be a step by step frisking process with skill checks or perception checks maybe.
This could have something to do with code. It works that way, at least when you are getting unmasked by others.