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Adding potential time to puppet requests
How much time are you requesting for this to be done?

Puppet-requests are awesome, and a lot of us lean on them pretty heavily to get things done throughout the Dome. As the playerbase seems to be growing (yay!) puppet requests are probably getting harder and harder to keep up with.

I'm proposing one extra line in the puppet request that lets the staff know how much of their time you're looking to use. Sometimes you puppet-request to literally get 15 seconds of RP in to move something forward, and sometimes you're hoping to get 15-30 minutes out of an NPC. Seems to me it might be nice for staff to see that and be able to parse through some of the quick an' dirty ones and leave the big meaty ones for when they have more time/energy/etc.

This is a very good idea in my eyes. Ideally, the player making the request should give a decent idea of what the RP will be about (and therefore how long it should take) but it isn't always clear. Adding a number might help admins. It would also help with the issue of a player expecting to have a full conversation/scene with an NPC and instead being dealt with in a few minutes. I think most players don't mind waiting a long time for a puppet, if they know the end result is good.

Anything that helps the puppet system function better and helps out admins is a +1.

The staff already look at the puppet description and the time from there. I think instead of just inputting '10 minutes' you can just be descriptive and explain to staff what you need and how easy/hard it is, or how long it will take.

For example,

ask for a cyberdoc puppet? Put in if you have the chrome already, or if the puppet will have to source it themselves. If you have the chy or not. All these contribute to staff knowing how much time it will take and whether it's a quick three minute puppet or a long ten fifteen minute one.

This is a really solid idea. I like Sly's addition of an OOC description of the desired scene as well, so that the GM knows what they're getting in to before they show up. I don't know if the system is capable of it, but it might speed things up as well if a player is requesting the same puppet routinely (Employee to Boss relationship perhaps) if a specific GM were prioritized for that particular interaction as well, to help build continuity.
While I won't comment on the specific instance of time for a puppet, beyond you have no way of knowing exactly how long a puppet will take. What if the GM in question isn't super familiar with that organisation or your characters relationship with that NPC? That's 5-10 minutes right there looking through history before even picking the puppet up.

Adding a specific GM for a particular player is exactly how a puppet request would sit pending for weeks - not to mention it would minimise the amount of people who could potentially take a puppet, reducing overall skill cross puppets. What you're proposing would reduce availability of puppets and extend the time to have one taken for you and as such, is not something I would see happening.



I'm not sure this kinda feature would be friendly to noobs and might make puppet requests even more intimidating. I have no idea how long things take. So maybe it could be optional? Just throwin that in there :)
I see your point Glitch, maybe not as cut and dry as I thought originally.
Also, sometimes we do things way different that you intend. You might submit a puppet request about asking Gangster X about the Mafia. You envision a ten minute scene where you talk to them all chill in their office. Maybe, for whatever reason, I decide that your puppet will be Gangster X tell you to fuck off after his paid Sniper has you in their cross hairs. These things can and do happen.