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Adding more @shortdesc options

After the discussion about some of the options in shortdesc came up, I went and played around with the @shortdesc change and appear command to see what the options were. I noticed a bunch of really ace as fuck choices in appear that I'd like to see be available on the regular @shortdesc for both genders like: pimp, playa, stiff, urchin, citizen, fleshbag, denizen, neut, SNACK (YES BB), walker, charmer, star, mate, meatsicle, punk, wageslave, chen, suit. I'm not sure if it's intentional that a good chunk of these nouns are only available from the appear command though. There's also probably a whole plethora of CP nouns we could throw in, too.
They're genderneutral, apparently. But I also like the punk one.
Those are working as designed.

Across the short description 'gender' nouns, there is a pattern that we're following.

Each term is trying to fulfill a loose category. For example, the 'old person' category might have gramps for the male noun, grandma for the female noun and elder for the gender neutral noun.

If you can suggest other categories 3 nouns for male, female and gender neutral, we can most easily add those to the system. Thanks!

Whew, it's been a while. OKAY. I just had another *great* idea.

Female shortdesc: