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Add Rev to Bikes please!
How is this not already a thing?

Found out there's a Rev command that is a thing for cars, but not bikes...

Why is this not already a thing?

I think this post isn't begging enough so I'm going to end it with

PLEASSSSSE! I can't beat that car till it's rev is my rev.

Or alternatively, a way to emote through the bike, like how you use instruments to play? That way you can do sick endos and stuff to show off.
Why would you need a coded command for what can be accomplished identically with an emote or pose or spoof? Emote loudly for extra obnoxiousness.
I love the idea of being able to rev an engine (cars or bikes!), but I agree that it doesn't need to be coded. Emote loudly seems like a must because if you aren't annoying the neighbors, why bother?
It's already implemented for cars 0x1MM.

I'm asking for the same to be implemented for bikes.

Not for brand new code to be made.

You also cannot emote on a bike as far as I'm aware. Nor can you emote your car doing things outside the car.