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Add car boots/trunks.
There's a- person in my boot?

Sometimes, you store a bunch of things in your vehicles, and it gets quite messy. Maybe you've got a fuel drum, spare set of clothes, a shroud, maybe a bunch of other crap that you've got stored inside. It might not make sense to store a bunch of stuff inside where you sit.

Perhaps add the ability for outside storage, you get out of your vehicle, you unlock it, and you 'Open Trunk/Boot' Whatever version is coded to use. Different vehicles might have different sizes, such as a mono not being able to hold- really anything. And a Hayasa being able to hold a bunch of stuff. People could easily run along and steal something or jump in the vehicle you've got currently unlocked. But adds a bunch of storage. Perhaps also can be broken in to.

There's already an inside-storage installable item, but I'm nonetheless in favor of this idea, purely for the style-over-substance of being able to put a body in your trunk.

You should totally be able to do that.

This is an indicator you need a different vehicle with a second room, like a van or a truck. I believe we need some generics in those lines to be made available for consumer purchase.

(we won't be doing trunks / boots by design choice)

That is true, correct. However perhaps that item can be nerfed slightly? It's- well extremely small inside a vehicle. I doubt you'd be fitting a fuel drum inside of it, or a full sized rifle- or a sword. Or anything bigger than what you'd usually keep in that storage space.
Non-company vans have been an interesting idea for a long time and I'd be excited to see them considered.
Panel vans are pretty much ready from a code stand point, I saw to that when 3LP was added.
Right well- as an example. If a vehicle has a back, and you're using it as storage, it's not exactly nice to see a bunch of storage items inside your luxury vehicle where all the VIPs are supposed to sit. So you have to store everything up front.
Yay vans and trucks!