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Add butts to @nakeds
We're missing a body part.

My character cannot sit, for they have nothing to sit on.

I found it rather odd when learning to use @nakeds that there was no "buttocks" entry. It seems like a key body part is missing from all Sindome residents! Maybe they're surgically removed as part of the immigration process? Joking aside, this seems like an oversight. I suppose you could describe the butt as part of the back, except there are certainly outfits and circumstances that would expose one's back without exposing lower than the waist. I've seen some include such a description in the groin slot, but a butt is definitely not part of the groin by any stretch of the definition (look up "groin," a key part of the definition is "front"), and there could very well be situations where one would be covered and the other would not.

So how about it? Can Withmorians get their butts back? Or are they still held up in customs?

Ass-less chaps when? I want to go up to a corpie and moon them! Honestly don't know why I never paid much attention to it, but this does seem like a minor oversight.
There's no kneecaps or heels either, or noses or lips or hair or fingers. Major divisions stand in for the find details that a player writes themselves.

@nakeds relate to combat targeting and cybernetics install locations, they're not arbitrary cosmetics. I'm struggling to imagine the scenario in which this would be a necessary distinction that would justify having a new coded body section to take damage.

Generally I've seen butt descriptions added to the back. fwiw.
Pants (of the hard coded variety) cover left shin, right shin, left thigh, right thigh, and groin.

Plan accordingly.

Alternatively, rename the naked to encompass the whole pelvis? Less confusion that way. I don't think the effort required here outweighs the benefit as it did with faces. If you need to show off your butt then why not pose revealing the partial feature that needs to be exposed?
The Groin area could be renamed to 'Privates' because often enough if one is out the other is too.

"There's no kneecaps or heels either, or noses or lips or hair or fingers. Major divisions stand in for the find details that a player writes themselves."

I think that's getting to a needless level of detail, particularly as all of those objects can clearly be contained by other existing @nakeds slots. There is no slot that clearly covers the buttocks.


"Generally I've seen butt descriptions added to the back. fwiw."

So what happens when that character wears pants but no top? Automatic plumber's crack!

@Spark, @Damarung

"Privates" still is usually a specific reference to genitals, but I could see "pelvis" or something similar be used as a patch for this. However, I still think there are cases where the back of this area may be exposed but not the front (or vice versa). There are even some clothing items I've already seen in the game that would make sense to expose one and not the other.

@naked groin is just a stand in term for everything above the thigh and below the abdomen, it's not some strict delimiter on what can be described there.

@nakeds can really be written in all kinds of ways, accommodating any type of niche scenario or prose ordering or @coverage complexity with clothing or macro description of tattoos that span multiple locations.

There's nothing to stop anyone from describing a character's backside only when they've got a @see-thru ProTek FigLeaf (TM) equipped.

Then the area should be renamed as others suggested, because calling it "groin" gives the impression that it does not include the backside.

"the fold or depression marking the juncture of the lower abdomen and the inner part of the thigh"

"Anatomy. the fold or hollow on either side of the front of the body where the thigh joins the abdomen."

I feel like once a discussion has reached the point where chummers are quoting dictionary definitions of groin at one another, someone needs to step in and tell us we're all being terminally online.
I think it's worth pointing out. Words have meaning, and that meaning enables clear communication. If the word used does not clearly communicate the intended meaning, then it should be changed to something that does. This is how you prevent confusion and miscommunication.

Or, if in this case it does communicate the intended meaning, then the @nakeds is still missing a place for buttocks, and the original point of the thread stands.

As much as I'd love to see butts added to the "sever" list and have butt-chrome (Anor help us whatever that would be) it's a minor enough detail and would require a not insignificant amount of time and effort that I'd personally much rather see go into a dozen other places.

Yes "groin" isn't a perfect word, but the workaround of adding a butt description to your groin, back, or thigh @naked depending on your purposes (open back dress, g-string, etc.)

Sindome has over two decades worth of code written by I can only imagine how many people. There's small quirks and inconsistencies that pop up, but once you know them you know them and they don't harm anything, it just adds a bit of charm/character imho.

You might be getting a bit hung up on the specifics (much like I did initially/still do in many areas of life) but maybe just step away from things for a little bit, take a breather and then try your best to not overthink things. Much easier said than done, but very worth it.