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Active cybernetics indicator.

Would be neat to have an additive information on the cybernetics helpfile that lists what chrome your character has, something along the line of: 'You'r active cybernetics are X,X,X' etc. Maybe include that in @stats too?
This information is available ICly.
Sounds like a job for the visual overlay. Surprised that's not already a feature of it.
I know it is, but would be nice to have it accessable faster than the IC means. With a quick glance etc.
Adding the information to the visual overlay would be neat way of checking your current active cybernetics.
/system and help cyberware-commands are about as close as you're going to get to a 'meta' command. What ware you have is an IC thing, meant to be known or unknown by design. Without access to IC tools, you might never know what else your trusted doc implanted in your body. :)