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2107 appropriate chess board

Random idea I just had, I think it would be neat if there was a more futuristic + expensive version of the chess board that has, like, holographic pieces and can be played long-range with something like a shared 4-digit password each player enters in their board to join the game from wherever.

We're 85 years in the future and still using physical pieces and have to meet in person to play, that's analog as hell.

(also can we get stationary chess boards in the Green Park?)

I agree with all of this, I am reminded of a rather important plot point in the original Blade Runner, in which a character is targeted because they are playing long distance chess with someone of note.
Interesting idea. I like it.

They would have to be in public places.

Otherwise this one ends up being yet another reason for people to NOT leave the safety of their residence.

It's not holographic but couldn't characters just play over phone/SIC (like in Blade Runner)? Boards are super cheap.
As cool as this would be, 0x1mm has a point. Even rich PCs could just make props of a hologram chessboard and RP the holophones as transmitters and receivers. There's no need to code in something so niche.
We want to find reasons to drive face to face RP more, not less. It's a neat idea, but counter to our goals.