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@trust to follow
Because usually you don't follow from a mile away

@trust NAME to follow

Allows named party to automatically begin moving, and stop moving when you do, rather than only after you've left the room.

That is all.

How exactly would that be different than how it is now? If you're having trouble with someone keeping up, that's due to you walking faster than them, so you have to consciously walk slower to let them keep up.
There are many reasons why having someone whom you're walking with enter a room shortly after you do is preferable to having them enter shortly before you leave it.
You can already do that. Type each direction individually with a pause, and not put some long 'go' line or type them the moment you enter.
Acknowledging that spending more than a few seconds in one room is reasonable (because buildings aren't 3 inches across), there is no logical reason for someone who is following you closely, whom you aren't trying to get away from, should ever be far enough away that you have to shout for them to hear you or wait for them to catch up constantly. We're not running around in short bursts and looking back over our shoulders, are we?

Besides. What's wrong with making it easier to RP on the *go*?

The speed at which you walk is based on how fast your character can move. If you ICly have a faster stride, you have to deal with that by not walking at the fastest pace possible, which means typing each direction individually (they arrive only a couple seconds after you anyways), or using hold-back to lower your own speed.
I understand what you're saying, but you're still disregarding the fact that they begin moving *after* you do. It's not a couple of seconds that you spend in opposite rooms, it's more like 4, and you promptly leave upon their arrival.

There should be nothing wrong with allowing a character whom you want to follow to begin moving in the direction that you are as you do it. If your character is -still- faster (which I seriously doubt is the case based on experiences), then they will eventually leave them behind anyway.

IF you don't use *GO* you don't promptly leave on their arrive.

I am with Xenode on this.

However, I would like an @trust NAME to follow, and if they are not on your @trust to follow list, you get a bonus to evading them while walking.

etc., I see what you mean, but I have not had that happen. People have been right there with me at the time and if I fell behind or got too far ahead, it was due to IC reasons which can't be pointed out here.

I do understand, nut I'm with Xenode. It's already happening. I remember the person keeps up and walks into the room immediately after I do, unless IC reason. Or I follow right with them almost instantly unless IC reasons now.


@holdback is another option which the leader can use, if you insist on using "go" while being followed by someone your character (non codedly) trusts.

It's a way to make your character "go" more slowly.

Yes, I do recognize the pitfalls of this, if you expect troubles from OTHER people. Or even of you don't expect it (what you don't know...). Or even of the one you trust turns out to betray you. Ha. But to me this is a feature - you're using a coded option to provide a small benefit to a character you trust, and that trust creates a potential vulnerability.

Anyway, just an option, using currently available features.

There is another "existing feature" which you can use to make your @holdback get canceled and get ryour character right back to full stats in as little as 2 keystrokes (not counting the "enter").

Help @macros

So the holdback option doesn't even have to be that much of a vulnerability, as long as you aren't doing something stupid like walking away from your game while you wait for your character and their follower run a long "go" sequence.

The only problem with this if I remember correctly is that your health doesn't bounce back right away from @holdback, but I may be entirely wrong, thought it was something I had noticed when I fiddled around with it.

It's possible it could impact fatigue and recovery rate *while* holding back, but not after.

At least I think so.

And with regard to health, there's only so low it could go (not very low), if your character is even one who *could* experience this effect. Again, trust can (and should) yield vulnerabilities, from minor on up. All of the coded @trusts do. This achieves the exact same thing, without putting any MOO development effort into a new @trust and new movement code.

If you are injured while holding back, your health (spectacular, excellent, magnificent condition) will not go all the way back up until your wounds are completely healed. If you are using @holdback and are not injured during that time, when you stop holding back, you are back to 100%.

Or so the helpfile makes it seem. 'help holdback' or 'help @holdback' it's one of those two.

Are you seriously wanting us to code something so you don't have to RP walking at the same pace of your group?

Not an issue.

Nope. You misunderstood.
No, I understood. You want us to change follow so you can use 'go' to go from A to B and have a conversation with people following you as you go but the timing of moving between rooms for the characters involved is not making it easy and you have to shout to be heard.

Again, this is not an issue.

I see. I'm sorry you disagree that this is not an issue.