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@peek-thru clothing
A middle ground between @see-thru and not

Often times you want clothing to just show a little hint of what is underneath it without the whole thing being @see-thru, especially given how spammy that can make descriptions.

What about a middle ground, a @peek-thru command? It's like @see-thru, but immediately after the @worn message it prints "Beneath %p %t, %s wears a

Oh, that broke my whole post when I used brackets! Um.

It was going to be something like:

"Beneath %p %t, %s wears a (item of clothing/list of clothing)." With clothing being all of the objects worn under the item in question. If you wear nothing underneath that item, it would say "Beneath %p %t, %s wears nothing."

This is ideal for bra straps or low-riding pants or jackets that give a glimpse of a shirt underneath or layered tank tops or really anything like that that gives a glimpse of clothing without generating giant double clothing descriptions.


I've seen people design clothing specifically with this in mind, so this would save a lot of people a lot of hassle.