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็Non-splicer biomods for mixers
inb4 FOIC

I'm certain that Mixers receiving biomods to adjust their appearance without requiring corporate citizenship is already possible ICly somehow, but I'm just putting it out here that perhaps it would be nice if this has normalized somewhat and provided as something more affordable than nonhuman splicing. Or perhaps somebody could pursue this ICly before I get around to it.
Think splicing is generally meant to be a corpie only benefit, gotta go corp if you want those kinds of aesthetics. Could probably get some mix side through a plot though.
Disagree heavily purely on the basis that that is literally the only thing you can only get topside. And as you said, it can already be done, if you network.
Well, I'm mostly referring to adjusting your heights and natural attributes rather htan giving you animal characteristics. You know, stuffs that won't need VS to extract valuable orphan snake embryonic cells to use on you.
Could be a good plot trigger to go steal VS's steroids.