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@facts on PCs

Documenting a genius idea from OOC-Chat today:

[11:12:13 10/21] [OOC-Chat] aethertm: big piece of advice i think i could give is you should write down like 3 ABSOLUTE rules your character will always follow as the most basic facet of themselves

[11:12:29 10/21] [OOC-Chat] Staff Johnny: we call these @facts for the npcs :)

[11:12:41 10/21] [OOC-Chat] aethertm [to Staff Johnny]: you should let players do @facts tbh

[+][OOC-Chat] Staff Johnny: it could communicate how a character would respond to planned GM actions better than a note about that time they fell in a well and are now claustrophobic

This is similar to the the FATE rpg system.

But what needs to be taken into account is that true RPG characters change. Their beliefs and values are shaped over time. @facts should be eligible for change after significant combat, life events, etc.

@fact me is "%N will always argue ad infinitum until everyone else gives up from exhaustion."

@notes you carry around could be interesting, might be useful to staff, especially for players like me who write a lot of @notes.

Quick sidenote: What's that BBCode formatting you used Beandip? I'm trying to improve my post formatting knowledge.

I used </code>, 0x1mm. Looks like you used <pre> which is what I was actually intending.
Yes please! Would probably need some guidance on what is and isn't a good fact.
Yes. Because it should be clear why I play this psychopath who compulsively takes cyberlimbs off of her victims and litters them around the Red District Quick Kleens at precisely 2 AM every single morning.
I need this, because I honestly don't think I'm very good at subtly expressing my character's hidden motives and flaws
@Ryuzaki4Days Same here. My character isn't really supposed to be understood by most, on the surface.

I can't make @notes about every little quirk, it feels weird considering only the latest 20 show and they don't have to be recent 'events', so to speak.

@facts Are useful for NPCs because some of them are handled by multiple people, so they are there to keep a sense of consistent RP.

PCs are different, also personality is a fluid thing that can change from one day to the next so nothing is really set in stone. I don't need a list of traits to know how to enact my own character.

Honestly this would be more of a feature for the staffers than for the players, so maybe one of them should chip into this?

Would this less cluttered format be useful and more comfortable for them to handle than @notes for this specific instance?

A simple fix to fluid personality would be making them removable, or editable. I still personally think it'd be a really useful thing for GMs to know how your character operates, especially considering you're not always going to be dealing with the same GM.
It'd also help with thoughts that you'd get from staff, et cetera, especially if your character has a very... unusual way of thinking, or their own kind of morals/ethics.
@notes --all

A lot of what is being described here would be perfectly valid to @note.

this would be more of a feature for the staffers than for the players

Right, that's 100% what the @idea is about.

TBH, I would love this idea. It would help me stay in character and remind me how to think, et cetera. But if this idea isn't gonna happen, meh, I'll probably make a doc. The convenience, though. Plus, I love having more stuff to look at than just @stats. Filling in stuff, deets, data, info on who makes (character name) who they are!
0x1mm: Staff don't have time to read all your notes though to find out the highlights you want us to be more aware of than not.
Like this idea.
First up, FATE is awesome. Second, I agree with Lena that it is important that players be able to add, remove and change these as needed to reflect their current state.

Honestly, I find that things like this are the most important part of the @history. Motivations. Ticks. Personality quirks. Vices. Hates. Draws. I always put these things into a new PCs history and I keep that list updated off moo.

I was going to suggest that the history should have these things and can be updated but then I realized that histories (mine at least ) can be as bad as half a year's notes. A distinct place to keep these things that GMs can easily access would be pretty cool.

On the flip side, staff would need to understand and respect that these might not always be completely up to date. And that, like most things, different people can interpret the same words in different ways. It's not a commitment by the player to always make their PC act in accordance to staff's interpretation.

I'd hate to give staff the wrong idea and, while I would never do it on purpose, it could happen without me intending to if people run with their own interpretation of the words.

Just like @personality, though, this can be optional to those who like to use it.

I know what you mean about updating @history, I just don't feel like bugging staff to approve minor additions and changes, so I don't usually do that. :P

Nah. History wouldn't be a great place for this unless there was a standard in place that made them easy for staff to find. That is my opinion at least. It just crossed my mind briefly so I mentioned it and why I thought it wasn't the best place for this.

Add it on to the @personality command
You take the test - ten question minimum like it says. Then you choose to either stop there or complete it. After answering the questions your have the results to use as part of your pool for ideas on taboo acts. Then it asks you to provide your three taboos.

Apologies for the double post.