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'Doc's Note' for Price Board Entries
Provide extra info for chrome-hungry customers.

I'd like it if people with control access to a cybernetics price board could add a comment to entries that are listed. Sometimes the corporate PR blurb is a bit too vague. Sometimes there are gear restrictions or drawbacks that would be good to know ahead of time. Having the option to provide information and clarification (without outright providing hard numbers/stats/gamey details) in a price board entry would be a very welcome quality of life upgrade.
I think that making this information available on the boards will reduce RP opportunities for doctors / cyberneticists and characters / players.

One of the things that I have enjoyed the most about the new player experience is learning about the various systems in the game. That learning has been done by seeking out characters who know about those systems.

Every time my PC has asked another PC about a specific piece of cyberware, none of them have been able to give an answer. Additionally, the price board doesn't clearly explain its effect, and after it's installed, "help cyberware" gives no information about the cyberware other than the corporate blurb.

There are maybe 3 piece of cyberware I've seen that fall under this conundrum.


There are other things beyond just cyberware that fall into a similar situation. It's stuff that reasonably would be on the package label, or someone in the profession should have the info at their fingertips at the very least, but there are no good FOIC sources available. It kind of breaks immersion when characters who are supposedly experts on such things don't have the information needed to answer questions.

Overall, this sort of notation and additional IC info would be a great help; for cyberware as well as other products/services. In general though, I think the game can do a lot better to arm professionals with the information they should ICly know, so that those characters can then relay it ICly to others.

The board provides a lot of useful information for Most of the entries, and things like the addition of the 'incompatibility' section have helped with clearing up some misconceptions. That said, players having the option to include extra notes - or in the rare case of the above mentioned situations, make up for the board's lack of information entirely - is basically what I'm aiming for with this. Just players supplementing existing info on the resource players are supposed to use to find out what things do in character.

It's not going to stop people from generating RP imo, folks calling their doctors to ask the questions that can be answered by the board is a proud Withmore tradition that I wholly embrace.

I do not believe we will be adding the ability to provide doctor's notes. In a PVP game where knowledge is power, the purpose isn't to level the playing field. Vehicle parts, for example, do give some pertinent information but it's gated behind player skill.

Cyberware is different, though. Each piece of cyberware has annoyingly custom logic and inserts askew all around the codebase. There's not a programmatic way to just have it tell the doctor what it does, and the help_msg has to strike a balance between being helpful OOG, and explaining things in character. It doesn't always reach that balance nicely, which is fair feedback.

Doctor's notes aren't the solution though for the help_msgs. Maybe instead just suggest slightly better help_msgs. (This is what's shown in help cyberware, and the board.)

You know, that's also a very fair point and something I did not consider - re: information availability. The fact that it can't be set up for a skill-based evaluation for these details is a bit of a bummer but also very understandable given what you described.