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@disguise hides gender w/ shrouds/hoods?
For the purpose of reducing meta, etc.

I mentioned this in the Town Hall and was suggested to find a BGBB post on it or create one if it does not already exist. If it doesn't; I'm sorry! I am admittedly terrible at searching through these forums.

On the question of disguising; what if we made shrouds/hoods turn your @shortdesc to something like 'person' if your skill to disguise is high enough, and mayhaps have your @shortdesc gender slip if you start to speak? Considering men and women TEND to sound quite different. Maybe make that dependant on skill as well.

I am not sure if this might interfere with our new disguise features, if it means changing your hair and adding makeup will make you a 'person' without an obvious gender indication. But if it is possible to avoid those scenarios, I think it would be neat as well as additionally reducing meta if someone in a shroud wasn't instantly identifiable when most of their build is hidden. Maybe even hoodies could do this in theory, but I think especially shrouds would. It would be even cooler if this changed all pronouns related to said person to 'their'.