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(dis)advantage effect visibility
Understanding: Expert+

I believe the effect that ads/disads has on a character's skill should be more visible, either by showing the +/- sign and the adjusted skill level, or just an explanation in the help file of just what they do.

Especially for new players, I think this would help alleviate some of the panic that is associated with getting the wrong disads.

it would also allow the bottom of the character sheet to be cleaned up, as they would no longer need to be explicitly mentioned there.

Yeah, it doesn't work like that . Did you read the helpfile?


An advantage is a special modifier that only comes into play when you perform particular actions. When you select an advantage, you will be randomly assigned a disadvantage as well. This disadvantage will never counter any of your advantages.

It has to do with specific actions not stats or skills per se but checks (which are mentioned when you pick the advantage/disadvantage) in question.

Building off GitM's point, the checks are obfuscated as well, so making it apparent what they affected would likely be too transparent.

Where would you put the info about disadvantages? If you don't have those skills listed because you never put any UE into them.


Why shouldn't they stay where they are? What's the problem with the bottom of @stats?

I'm wondering how this will alleviate panic with a disadvantages. You don't really need the hard numbers to go 'yeah, I have a disadvantage.', a little note at the bottom of your sheet is better than a permanent +/- on skills imo..
Seeing a + or - next to a skill would just make me feel even worse about my choices. At least I can ignore them in the giant blob of text at the bottom.