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@coverage vs. locations
For partial coverages!

Ok.. so the basic idea in a nutshell here, is that clothing items have @location descs for each area that they have '@coverage'. This way, when wearing something like a flak jacket on top of a long sleeved shirt, You would see the full messages of the flak jacket, and see only the sleeves of the shirt underneath.

Simple idea.. not sure how simple it'd be turned into code, but figured I'd throw it out there at least.

I like this idea, the only real problem I have with it is that it would kind of change how you'd write clothing descriptions in general, and then say you have a large item of clothing, like say a jumpsuit, and wear nothing else a simple maybe paragraph description item might now turn into a giant block of spam.
I imagine it could be done using a system similar to @nakeds. I too like this idea as I have things that should be partially showing but don't whatsoever in my ic inventory sometimes.
The problem is, like stryder said, it'd greatly lengthen clothing descriptions to do it properly, and they probably wouldn't flow as well. For example with the long sleeve shirt, you'd have left wrist, left arm, left shoulder, right wrist, right arm, right shoulder, back, chest, and abdomen, would all have a different line or lines to be described for it to work in all cases.
It doesn't have to end up long and spammy, no more than some clothing items already do. These locations could easily be kept to a sentence each.
And to be honest, there is times that I wear clothing to shorten my description, using a clothing system like this would kinda screw that up.

@Hailfire : You might try layering your clothing differently or maybe the item shouldn't actually be showing. I'm not sure how the current system works but it seems like if the two items of clothing have enough difference in coverage it will show both, but if they have a lot of the similar coverage it will show the most recent layer.

I see their point. Particularly regarding the left and right sleeves and such. It'd be a BIG overhaul to do for all clothes too. I love the idea though. Am sure it COULD be done just not sure how best to implement it.
I think the reality of the situation here is that a system to account for this would need to be extremely complex, and would not offer a significant enough improvement to the current state of things to warrant the amount of time it would take to overhaul the way clothes work on the GM side, in addition to the amount of extra effort it would take tailors to create clothes on the player side.

In an ideal world, things would work the way you describe, but the GMs only have so much attention they can devote to every aspect of the game, and Sindome is not about clothes.

"Sindome is not about clothes"

Style over substance!

My sindome is all about clothes... whut chu talkin' 'bout Willis?!
You know what I -really- want though? Is a zip command. Because you know, sometimes you've got this badass trenchcoat on that you've got all buttoned up and what not, but then when you're chilling you undo the toggles and let what ever you've got underneath show. You could use this command in junction with disguise items to reveal your face without taking the item off.

zip hoodie: Player pulls the hood down from their head.

zip helmet: Player flips up the face mask of the helmet to reveal their face

zip trenchcoat: Player unbuttons their trench coat and flaps the lapels lightly settling it into position.

And then of course just use zip again to hide your face or lower clothing again.

This command would be sooo much fun and useful for wanting to wear things that cover other things but should realistically be able to hide or show off clothing underneath!

I could flesh this out a bit more I guess. You have your regular @coverages set.

So now when you do @zcoverage you set the places to be covered when the zip command is used.

I was going to suggest setting like a @see_thru but that from what I understand, makes the entire item's @coverages @see_thru so unless @see_thru was changed that would do little good.

To go in line with this, also I would like to see two more @naked slots: ass and hair.

Ass because.. well.. I've been trying to figure out where the heck I would stick a tail biomod if I got one, and there is just no good spot for my character at the moment to get a permanent lock-in on the @naked, but an ass slot would be nice.

and then a hair slot for things that would cover your hair but not your entire head (like if you were to use the zip command on a helmet)