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When it rains it pours!
Why so hit and miss?

I think that being how most of the economy is supposedly generated and distributed by the playerbase, it might be flawed by design.

There can be days where I'm running around like crazy, interacting with multiple people, then there are days where my only reward for logging in is 3 UE.

I think there should be more coded jobs, as it sits now if you're not satisfied talking on the sic like it's a fictional chatroom (which I guess it sorta is?).

I try to come on and wait an hour or two, see if anything pops up, check my gridmails on my character and do a bit of a rounds looking for people at some bars, most of the time either not finding anyone or simply happening across the pickpockets making their rounds which I have no plans to help by stopping to talk to them and allowing them to spam pickpocket dude.

I am going to go out on an assumption and assume that the game is supposed to be active, you want us out doing things, you want us out and about being visible and not just chilling in our cube all day or what have you. If you do though, you gotta give us a reason to go out. Sometimes getting from one level to the next can take 15 minutes or so, and I know when I pop in for a few hours, I don't want to waste a good chuck driving around peeking into every bar/hangout.

You generate your own RP, Jago.

There are plenty of coded job and plenty of players to RP with to find ways to make money/chyen.

They don't have to give you a reason to go out. You make your own reasons. Only way to get things done. And just because nothing happened or seemed to doesn't mean nothing will today.

It can take months. Or weeks. All depends on *you* and what *you* do.

I remember thinking this in my first month of playing.

What I learned after a month of solid playing is what thecraftydragon said. And then I learned why it is that way in my second month. And then I learned to actually appreciate why it is that way in my third month, and just how bad of a suggestion what you're saying is.

Yes, you could just add more fluff that would distract from the RP. Fortunately, I dare say with some confidence that they're not likely to. Because it would distract from the RP.

And that's a good thing.

It's not hard to come up with things to do.

Some players literally have too much to do, and their characters spend lots of time having to tell other characters who are trying to contact them every time they 'wake up' (log in, pop up on SIC) that they'll have to meet them later, have your people call my people, we'll get it on the calendar, etc.

It's not flawed by design :)

Yes, we want you out doing stuff, but giving you economy grinds isn't the sort. Farmville is that way -->

Jago, read some of these tips. :)

Some tips for players, new and old. (Psst, go out and explore. You might run into someone or some RP.)

Here. I'm posting these here but people, there's search option *wink*:

How do you progress in the game?

The Principles of Playing Sindome

Seenal mentioned these links in the How do you progress thread:

Some Tips for Everyone:

Some Tips for New Players:

How it works for me at Sindome - Re: Roleplay - what, when, where, and how?

I've mentioned this before but: I've read some GM'S replies about RP and steering clear of monotonous activities (cleaning clothes, having to keep an eye on hunger levels, etc ) .

(Linekin wrote: economy grinds isn't the sort) [Thankfully I've never played Farmville.]

Hopefully some of the above can help you on your way?