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Warning for Finalized Articles


Can we get extra warnings for @name-ing actual finalised pieces please maybe? I don't know why other @ functions prevent you from continuing action on a @finalized piece but @name completely fucks it up and unmakes it.


This has happened to me on too many occasions. Please just outright block naming on @finalized things.
Agreed, like the post I put in the complaints forums yesterday, this is another tailoring mistake that's extremely easy to make that winds up trashing the potential worth of the material.
If only "worth of material" were objectively leverageable.

As it is, people will pay what they negotiate with you (the tailor).

Unless you're one of those finks who's still selling freshly crafted spam boots into the market for pure automated profit.

I think once i fucked up specifying what I was trying to @name and ended renaming the shoes i was wearing.