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Very odd
yes, very odd indeed..

I was just wondering if it's possible to be robbed while in a locked hotel cube. Because yesterday I rented a cube for two days, went in, typed 'lock o' and got the message 'that is already locked' or somesuch, and logged off. I awoke a little while earlier to find all my cash and stuff gone. Now, I'm just wondering if it's possible for someone to rob me while im in my cube - I don't care about the cash and stuff, I can make it back in a week or so now that I know the game better. (Especially now that I know I can work at SHI and work IRL at the same time. What's an extra process, really?)
I just want to know if it's possible for someone to get in my cube, and if it is, I want to know what the point of the cubes really is if people can get in anyway :o

Oh yeah, and I can't seem to see xhelp replies while in the mud, probably due to a weird Pueblo bug or a setting that i might have inadvertantly(I might have massacred that word, sorry) changed? So should i ditch Pueblo and go with something more mundane?

Okay, so that's all, have an iced ay!

And now:

Hrm...It isn't possible right now to be robbed while in a cube. And the number/letter combos on cubes are almost impossible to break by luck. �

perhaps someone snuck in without you seeing. *shrugs*

We're not a MUD! (hehe a little pet peeve of MOOers)

And What is that first guy saying??

And I WILL have an Iced Ay...*eyes*

(Edited by Stonemonk at 12:31 pm on Dec. 10, 2001)

Several possibilities...

You forgot to close/lock your cube door. Someone came in, looted you, then left, closing and locking the door behind them.

Someone snuck in at some point when you had the door open. Hide until you disconnected/slept, looted you and left.

Your rent expired, someone else rented the cube and found you sleeping in there, looted and left.

Someone knew your code and entered the cube using it. Currently the only way they could know this is if you told them or they found some 'unusual' way to acquire it outside of the MOO.

If it wasn't one of the above, then something dubious happened. However, I suspect it was one of the above. There's currently no way for someone to break into a cube/apartment that is closed and locked.

Other than that, I don't know what to tell you. I can't find any evidence to suggest it was an illegitimate IC act so unless I find out otherwise, game on.

Pah, like I said, I don't care about the stuff. I had maybe 3000 chyen worth of junk, and 2000 of it I didn't exactly earn (what, you think if I find a wallet with 1000 chyen in it lying in the street I ain't gonna keep it?Finders keepers!).
One thing for sure is that I didn't give out my security code, seeing as I rented and went straigh to the room and logged off. Next time I'll make sure to remember where i keep my security code and search the room and wound anyone I might find hiding in there. Say, is there any way for me to get out of the room? I can't seem to get the door open, and like I said before, I can't seem to see xhelp replies.

The first guy is saying "U SUX0RZ!!1" which is 1337-speak for "YOU SUCK". Just a little personal commentary on people who try to roleplay in a goddamn DEATHMATCH game -and- don't know how to roleplay (or spell) in the first place. That, and they're just ITCHING to shoot each other anyway. Once I hid on a rooftop and shot a store window(spite makes one do these things) and next thing you know half of 'em are dead because one of them thought the other one did it. Sort of like "Agh! You broke my window! You will die!" *BLAM BLAM BLAM* My spite mainly comes from being shot without reason while trying out one of these so-called roleplay servers and then killing the twat who did it, and getting kicked off with a message saying "No revenge kills!" That and the fact that I won't have morons both ruin the name of RP, the english language, -and- my fave shooter. Spite! spite! spite! ph33r teh h8.

Whats the name of that shooter?
It's a Half-Life mod called The Opera, based on Hong Kong action films (specifically, if you go to the forums and ask for assault rifles, grenades slow motion and other mookish things, you'll need an asbestos suit for survival)


If you get to playing, I'm 'Pistolero' in-game, and sometimes I'm' Johnny Vu'. Depending how I'm feeling that particular day. (Hmm, mexican or chinese? The eternal question.)

Looks pretty kewl, I hope it runs on my computer.
Love the game and the sweet stunts. Thanks for telling me about it

::grumbles::Probably gona have nightmares about it now just as I do of SD...Oh well...Waist a few traid members an get eaten by...Um...Sea food!::shrugs::