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Using Art as Sticky Fliers
Possible Imbalance

So I know I don't see everything and that there is a chance that my perception of things is far from accurate. However, I have the impression that more and more in game art is being put up in situations and places that don't feel terribly artistic. They feel more like short-term propaganda that actual art. This concerns me.

As I understand it, PCs can install this Art without aid from GMs but if another PC wants to remove it they need staff intervention. I understand why this is, to help protect the creative world building efforts of players from being destroyed off hand. But this, in my mind, supposes that Art is being used with the intent of adding long-term creative work to the game in a way that remains relevant over time.

Recently I have seen various pieces of 'art' that, in my opinion, are pretty much slander pieces against other characters that most of the dome doesn't even know about or care about. I feel that in some cases players may be using art because they want to keep other characters from removing their propaganda.

Again, maybe some or all of this recent art was seen by staff and approved or even coordinated with staff. Maybe the intent is something other than what I am personally interpreting. But, please, before hanging up art (especially in publicly accessible places) ask yourself if it really is long term art or just you wanting a 'sticky flyer' that other players will have to pester staff over when it ceases to be relevant.

Yes, this is also something I've identified as an issue. There's an additional wrinkle: it takes OOC mechanical knowledge to remove art, and it's difficult to explain OOC mechanics through a variety of IC means of communication.

Removing art requires a @service-request, something not apparently from an examine of the art. A substantial portion of the player-base has never used a @service-request and doesn't know how to do one, especially newer players. @service-requests are also intimidating, because unlike regular actions, you don't know if it's appropriate to make one and there's a sense of 'imposing' on staff.

When asking a character to take an IC action that requires a @service-request, very often you need to explain -- especially to a newer player -- what a @service-request is and how to make it. That's fine if you are face to face and can use local OOC, but if you're gridmailing someone? Calling someone on the phone? For good reasons, we make it hard to talk OOCly with people, but the imbalance between 'IC, examinable, non-GM moderated putting propaganda up' and 'OOC, @service-request, time-delayed tearing propaganda down' I think makes it especially harder to use anonymous means to hire agents to tear propaganda down, since most (more) anonymous communication prohibits communication about the not-obvious mechanics needed to take art down.

Anecdotally, multiple characters have said things to someone who was able to remove art, to the effect of "you have a rare hustle and nobody knows how to do this." A large part of this is probably education - anyone with the right tools and the correct authority over the area should be able to open a @service-request and take down art. But the process for doing this is not widely known, and if we continue to make art subject to builder intervention, we should at least make sure anyone who wants to do it knows how.
I will have you know that a particular piece of what you denigrate as "short-term propaganda" was 1) discussed in advance with staff on Multiple occasions, and 2) the result of literally -weeks- of planning and coordination with other PCs.

If the propaganda annoys you, then it had its intended effect. You never know what's going on behind the scenes.

The last paragraph in help painting explains how you have art uninstalled for new players and can easily be explained over long distance ICly with something like 'Shit, you want that removed? Probably wanna find someone who's real HELPful with ART and handyman shit.'

People'll usually figure out that means to help whateverword.


I'll go ahead and bump my post from two years ago and amend it to also have an option for propaganda posters that could decay after a week or two if not brought down by appropriate tools (maybe solvent or a similar item) or the person who hung it up:


You have no idea which pieces I, as you put it, denigrate as "short-term propaganda". I in no way called out any specific peaces as doing so would constitute sharing IC info on an OOC medium. I am not sure why you choose to assume that you know what specific pieces I am talking about or why it feels like you are taking offense to my concerns.

Additionally, I specifically stated that it is very possible some of these works have been approved or and coordinated with staff. So again, I am unsure why you feel the need to respond to my post in such a defensive manner.

Further, I never once said that any of the 'artwork' I am referring to did not involve planning and effort on one or more PCs part. Again, I feel you are making assumptions. I admit that what I posted was vague and it may be easy to assume that it was targeted at you or players you know but this is simply a necessity as I am choosing not to leak specific IC info into an OOC post.

Lastly, and I apologize if I misread your comment, but I sure hope that none of this art was intended to OOCly irritate players. Because it is me the player bringing up these concerns, not my character. My character has little to do with any of these pieces of art nor the individuals related to them.

I'm aware of a number of propaganda installations and I know at least some of them went through the proper channels.

Weren't temporary propaganda installations eventually going to be a thing anyway? Public spaces where you can just install something and it lasts until someone installs something over it. I thought I saw a thread about that somewhere.

Characters with the installation skill or artistry skill should be able to take this art down with an appropriate chyen/time sink that reflects the chyen/time the artist spent into making it/having it made.