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Unable to flee, "not in combat"

I've run into this problem a few times now, and I have no idea whether this is "working as intended" or if it's an oversight/loophole in the code that just hasn't been addressed. Either way, I think it deserves some consideration:

What happens is that there are times when I've been engaged in combat, and then there is a point where (for various reasons) the combat is temporarily ended or suspended. At times I've tried to take the opportunity of this lull to get away. However, using the "flee" command results in a message to the effect of "You're not in combat, just walk away!" But then attempting to move normally results in a message along the lines of, "So and so is watching you too closely." The result is I'm effectively pinned and have no way to escape.

Logically, it would seem to me that if someone were watching me closely, then running away would be just as viable of an option as it would be in combat, but instead somehow just having eyes on me and no actual physical contact or restraint is enough to root my legs to the ground just as well as if I'd been grappled or chained. Can we please get "flee" to work in situations where someone is simply "watching" us? Or is there some justification why we can run away in the middle of combat, but not once that combat has ended?

This sounds like a bug, and I'm not able to reproduce it.

I'd recommend @bug'ing it, and if possible getting some reproduction steps. Thanks!

If you're being aimed at, then it's working as intended.

You're getting the message which the MOO gives you when you're being aimed at and try to walk away.

You could try sneaking away to escape this situation. It would depend on stats and skills.

I have not tested this theory, but it also would seem like this is a good place to use the 'charge' command. Being aimed at seems similar mechanically to a guarded exit. I would think a charge action should be viable here.
You can flee while being aimed at, so changing charge isn't necessary.