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At around 10AM this morning EST, they sent out a message to the effect that UE wasn't currently accumulating on active players, and that they were working on this as much as they could... I believe they mentioned something about wizards...

As of 10/29/2019 at roughly 1AM EST, this is currently still in effect.

This thread is being made as an easy linking as I imagine that if it's not fixed by tomorrow a lot of people will be asking.

When this issue is fixed please delete this thread staff.

Will we get our UE that missed from the days in question after the issue has been fixed?
That we missed, sorry.
UE is being granted again. What is granted will be based on where you left off. This means that how much UE you get today will depend on how much UE you had collected already on the day the system wend down. Come tomorrow, everything should move along as you would expect.

There will be no UE back pay. Everyone missed out on UE equally for the most part and it would take way too long to try and figure out what each character would have gained based on historic behavior and all that. It stopped for all of you at the same time and now picks back up for all of you at the same time with the same status you had when the UE system went down.