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Turf Tolls

Im fairly new to the game and loving it, even the fustrating parts and bad luck have been a learning experience.

My problem is with this 'turf toll' business of having to pay a ganger for stepping on their street or get beat/killed. I get territory for criminal business but If I cant deliver crates because I'm not allowed to walk anywhere without paying 1000+ then how can I ever advance?

Someone told me that Gangers are essentially invincible (unlimited clones) so there is no use fighting them, how does an up and comer get around this turf toll?

Ultimately that's something you find out ICly.

However some ideas... And a clarification.

Gangers aren't invincible. The player gangers have limited clones just like everyone else as far as I know.


Maybe talk and negotiate with them, let them know the situation and so on. Gangers are human beings usually and will generally accept a, money tommorrow sort of agreement.

Gangers are an obstacle. Learn how to overcome them.

Also crates are dumb and are not how you are meant to advance. They're just a failsafe so you have a means to collect rent if biz is slow that week.

This is 100% an IC complaint, and you should find an IC means of dealing with it.

Be it bribery, blackmail, just paying the toll, or beating shit outta some gangers. It's all an IC thing. Gangers be gangers.